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Terms & Conditions


This Is Group Pty Ltd has strong values for personnel and participants alike. It is designed to be a community which is challenging, yet compassionate at it’s core. We have an expectation that all members strive to embody our values every day. If at any time you are unable, or unwilling to match our values, or find them contrary to your desired way of being, we’ll endeavour to work with you in order to find a compromise. In situations of extreme, unnecessary and/or provoking conflict or disrespect (including harassment or abuse of any kind) we reserve the right to terminate memberships and access to This Is Group Pty Ltd services immediately. When in doubt, treat people with respect and compassion.


As a member or participant of This Is Group Pty Ltd we see it as a responsibility of everyone in our community to discuss concerns and ideas openly and freely. All feedback, no matter how critical, is appreciated and recorded in an attempt to improve our services. Please always provide it in an appropriate manner though and to the appropriate personnel. If matters are urgent, you can email If matters are dire, and personal, you can email to reach our Managing Director personally and directly.


When you wish to move on as a member of This Is Group Pty Ltd, and terminate your membership, we must insist on 30 days notice. This is to ensure adequate time for our team to ensure all steps are properly taken to clear your membership and cease your payments. 30 days is the absolute minimum to ensure you will incur the minimum amount of debits to your account. We will aim to reduce this to 0. If you fail to provide us with 30 days notice, we cannot guarantee that you will not incur additional payments.


Each membership is entitled to:

  • “Total Suspension” of 2 weeks annually for bereavement or extreme circumstances. ($0 per week, 0 days notice required, start and end date required, 1 week minimum.)
  • “Distance Suspension” of 6 weeks annually for holidays, vacations or other forms of travel which is accompanied by online training. ($15 per week, 2 weeks notice required, start and end date required, 2 weeks minimum.)

Please note this is unlike many other gyms which offer complete suspensions for vacations and holidays. It has been proven that taking any extended breaks from exercise result in a serious impact on consistency, mental welfare and physical acuity. Therefore we provide personalised online training for all members, regardless of ability, injury or fitness level.

If you require more than 6 weeks annually for holidays, your suspension can be extended however the rate will increase to $35 per week.