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Wellbeing Programs

  • Wellbeing

    Wellbeing at This Is values proactivity. For a long time the health, medical and fitness industries have been reactionary, waiting for people to need help instead of teaching them to become so strong that even in times of turmoil they still have boundless resilience. You’ll work with our team of Wellbeing Specialists and dedicated classes to help achieve this state.

    • Specialists including health coaches, psychologists, physiotherapists, dieticians and more.
    • Classes and seminars focused on developing mental and physical wellbeing.
    • Balance is key, not short-term changes or restricted plans.
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  • Yoga

    Yoga at This Is expresses traditional values of self-actualization and balance whilst introducing modern physiological and psychological approaches. Build real skill through dedicated Yoga curriculums and achieve genuine change.

    • Indoor Yoga designed to challenge any level of skill or experience.
    • Work with Coaches to genuinely improve your ability, balance and awareness.
    • Experience our This Is Equip style of Yoga, making use of modern remedial tools.
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  • Headway

    Headway seminars are a regular series of interactive talks on topics drawn from the values of This Is including proactively instigating change in our lives, increasing resilience and better understanding basic psychological first aid. It also helps build our community through interactive engagement.

    • Work with Coaches on mindset and addressing human needs from the basic to the advanced.
    • Engage with others and improve social strength and connectivity.
    • Be challenged to change the world around you for the better.
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Wellbeing Videos

    • Find Your Way To Health and Wellbeing – Commit

      Find Your Way To Health and Wellbeing – Commit

      Knowing, and doing are two very different things. Doing, and doing the VAST MAJORITY of the time are just as different! The Commit step in the “Your Way” system is just about that, taking control of your life and giving it structure and stability from which to build.

      Watch this video to learn if you’re meeting your needs, to move on to greater, more complex and emotionally fulfilling challenges and goals.

    • Find Your Way to Health and Wellbeing – Begin

      Find Your Way to Health and Wellbeing – Begin

      You can’t create lasting change by building on quicksand! The first step is the most important, and it also defines all others after it. Learn how to identify if your Needs place you on the Begin step.

      Identify the 5 different elements which you will need to overcome to grow and change towards the step which comes afterwards, Commit.

    • Find Your Way to Health and Wellbeing – Introduction

      Find Your Way to Health and Wellbeing – Introduction

      Health and Wellbeing for everyone is different, from going to the gym, to practising mindfulness or spending time with their family. However there is a concrete process which must be followed regardless of how you choose to pursue your health if you want to succeed.

      Learn in this video what the overall structure of this process is, and begin to understand how to take the first steps towards creating concrete, vivid action in your life towards proactive, adventurous change.