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Strength Programs

  • Strength

    Strength classes at This Is use a variety of disciplines to ensure a well-rounded approach. Our team deploys a high level of education and instruction to help build a foundation, then explore and challenge limits.

    • From Olympic Lifting to Endurance Running you’ll experience new, challenging training.
    • Suitable for beginners to the more advanced, sessions are adaptive to your needs.
    • Quality and technique are prioritised, with Coaches always working to perfect your movements.
    • Work with trainers one on one to build skills you can take back to your training.
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  • Outdoors

    With multiple locations, Outdoors classes are a perfect addition to your training program. Blending our Strength and Foundation classes, each Outdoor session is complementary to your training or perfect as a stand-alone.

    • Available all year round, rain or shine. Get outdoors as part of your membership!
    • Training tools and systems unique to outdoors with a focus on cardio and calisthenic strength.
    • Make friends and challenge one another with a heavy team focus for outdoor sessions.
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  • Foundation

    Our Foundation Classes are a This Is specialty. Short, effective sessions focusing on stability, activation and mobility, these classes are perfect for those rehabilitating injuries, just starting exercise or to prepare more advanced people for intense workouts.

    • 20-minute sessions using isometrics, activation and mobility drills.
    • Multi-disciplinary focus, preparing you for any proceeding classes.
    • Often multiple Coaches at each Foundation to direct and instruct.
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  • MMA

    Our Mixed Martial Arts classes draw from a range of modern fighter conditioning styles with traditional values of respect and self-improvement. Experienced Coaches prioritise skill development and discipline.

    • Kickboxing, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Taekwondo are all practised.
    • All participants undertake a “do no harm” pledge before training.
    • Self-respect, self-discipline and self-improvement are the priority of Coaches.
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  • Endurance Events

    From your first fun run to 100km stage races, we’ll guide you through training, preparation and completion of any endurance events. Our team has a strong pedigree of endurance events and will pass on their experience.

    • Team and individual training and preparation for a range of events.
    • Support and community during the events to help you through or just have fun.
    • Discounts for This Is members at a range of endurance events across the country.
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