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Gym Programs

  • Strength

    Our Strength classes focus on just that, strength! Learn from our expert team how to lift, push, pull and develop that strength and lifestyle you always wanted. Pair with a few Reset classes and a Circuit or two and you have the best training program around.

    • Focused on developing strength using lifting and body weight,
    • Scales to meet your level of strength and ability,
    • Expert, experienced coaches with a priority on growth,
    • Awesome personal trainers available for that extra help!
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  • Circuit

    Our circuit classes are the perfect, shorter session for either beginners, or those looking to supplement other training. We focus on improving mobility, stability and of course conditioning. It’s a great way to quickly improve your fitness, as well as being perfect for those who are working with injuries.

    • Shorter, 45 minute sessions,
    • Paired with Risky Kids classes,
    • Improve mobility, stability and fitness
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  • Personal Training

    Get one on one personal training with our team of resident trainers. Whether you’ve got big goals, are interested in skills, or want to accelerate and improve your training, having a Personal Trainer is essential. Our team consists of experienced, dedicated and compassionate coaches who make use of mindset training as well as the physical to make sure that when you set goals, you get goals and most importantly you keep them.

    • Mix of trainers to suit your needs,
    • Nutrition, rehab and strength and conditioning,
    • Run coaches and lifting coaches,
    • Personalised and personal.
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  • Spartan Squad

    The Spartan Squad loves a bit of challenging training, and of course to head to Obstacle Races like Spartan! Don’t be intimidated though, with the best Spartan Coaches in Australia, we guarantee that the classes are fit for everyone, even if you’ve never done a race before!

    • Tough, but balanced challenges for any fitness level,
    • Lots of obstacles, with a focus on learning skills,
    • Australia’s best Spartan Coaches,
    • Awesome adventures to races around Australia!
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Gym Videos

    • This Is Ankles – Pt 3

      This Is Ankles – Pt 3

      In our final video, Dan Carner takes us into the world of proprioception for the ankle. He heads into the gym to take control of some equipment to help put the finishing touches to building a bullet proof ankle, or rehabbing an injured one.

    • This Is Ankles – Pt 2

      This Is Ankles – Pt 2

      In Part 2 of our ankle video, Dan starts stepping it up! Literally. He likes to call this segment “stairs are your friends” and you’ll see why as he uses a humble tool to build a rock solid program for rehab.

    • This Is Ankles – Pt 1

      This Is Ankles – Pt 1

      Dan Carner, an MST with This Is starts in investigation into ankle injuries. In this 3 part series we look at rehabilitating ankles, or proactively building ones which are bullet proof to injury.